Air Conditioning Maintenance  in Port Charlotte is easy with Florida Comfort Air Conditioning we are here to help you.   We all love the feeling of a clean house.  Walking in and taking a deep breath and you can just tell your house is clean.  We are going to be featuring some posts on how to keep your home and the air you breath clean.   Dusting is never fun, and in SWFL we seem to have a lot of dust!  Here are a couple of key ways to keep the dust in your home down.

  • Vacuum Regularly, keep floors clean
  • Put items on shelves in Boxes or Bags
  • Clothes that you rarely wear enclose
  • Get shoes up off closet floors
  • Weekly rotate your bedding
  • Don’t move dust around capture it
  • Take rugs outside for a beating and shaking
  • Remove couch cushions to beat and shake
  • Don’t use agitator on hard flooring

If you still find yourself asking, Where did all this dust come from? What can I do to cut down on the dust in my home?

Here are a couple of quick answer that should help you cut down on the amount of time you spend with your household dusting chores.   Not only reduce the amount of dust in your home, but allergens also.   Assuring the highest quality of air inside your home, you’ll breath easier.

Upgrade Your Homes Filter     With central heat and air conditioning systems you can filter out the dust in the air.   Choosing the right filter will help you cut down on the amount of dust you see settling on surfaces of the home.  Yes the heavier dust particles will fall to the ground and furniture before it makes it to the A/C filter, but a good filter will cut down your dusting time.

Electrostatic Filters   An electrostatic filter installed near your air handling unit will be the most effective means of cutting down dust.   Charged dust particles by the Electrostatic filter will cling to the metal in the filter system.  A fair price for a well installed and quality electrostatic filter is $700.00 to $1400.00 size and location is going to effect the total cost of the unit.  If you suffer from allergies due to dust and pollen you should look into getting a good quality electronic filter.

Upgrade Filters  If you are looking to reduce dust build up and don’t have any major concern about the indoor air quality of your home.  You may decide to just upgrade your standard filter.  You can get pleated paper filters that carry an electrostatic charge that will help attract dust without the added expense of installation.  Don’t forget to check your filters every month.  It is recommended to replace filters once every three months, check them monthly for build up, especially if you have any pets.  If they are dirty replace them.

Air Cleaners   Air cleaners will help with the dust in individual rooms.  You can help eliminate odors and reduce dust in the given area.  These are usually an added measure for the comfort and peace of mind.

Use your whole house fans  While vacuuming and cleaning surfaces services some dust will be come air borne from all the agitation.  Once that dust gets in the air it will eventually settle down on to the furniture and carpets you just cleaned.  If you turn the fans to the “on” position at your thermostat, you can try catching some of that dust in your air conditioning’s filter system.


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