Preventative maintenance on your Heating & Air conditioning System, as recommended by the electric company, can save you thousands of dollars in excess electric bills, needless service calls and failure of  your unit.

The days are getting shorter and cooler.  That means that it’s time for your annual maintenance inspection.  I want to thank you for properly maintaining your air conditioning system.   Not only does it comply with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements, but it helps ensure that you are not spending too much on your electric bill.  In this uncertain economy, every penny counts and you don’t want to spend money you do not  have to.  These help you have tighter control over your finances by using scheduled service calls at the right time for you, instead of an unexpected break down.  For even greater savings please see our maintenance agreements to become a preferred customer.


    We have experienced a significantly lower number of service calls from our contract customers between inspections, proof that keeping systems running at peak efficiency will save you money on repairs as well as your electric bill.  We specialize in maintaining and repairing your equipment to prolong the life as long as possible.

    The electric company and the manufacturer of your Air conditioning System recommend that the system should be serviced at least once a year in order to ensure the longevity of your unit.

    [box type=”info”]Extended life of your HVAC equipment, improved capacity, fewer repairs, less emergency calls, lower electric bills are all benefits of routine maintenance on central heat and air conditioning system.[/box]

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