Do I need an A/C cage?   Copper theft continues to be a growing problem.

Every system is a potential target.

  1.  If you are a seasonal resident and your home is empty for a long period.
  2.  You live in a densely populated area.
  3. There are other unoccupied homes near yours.

Now is the time to think about securing your air conditioning or pool heat pump equipment with a cage from Florida Comfort Air Conditioning.

It has been alarming the amount of thefts and that they are still being reported frequently.  Personally we thought maybe it was a fad but theft is steadily growing even right here in South West Florida.  We have dealt with the authorities on a few occasions as they were trying to track down stolen condensers via serial numbers on file.  Arrests have been made and they usually find that the criminal had been at for sometime before he was discovered.   These are felony charges due to the high cost of replacement, although the burglar can only makes dollars by the pound of copper stolen.

We feel that everyone should  be aware that there is a solution and that you can protect yourself.   The price of an air conditioner cage is around $350.00-$500.00, that is all.  One initial cost and you can feel comfortable knowing you are protected.   Knowing that if you want to replace your air conditioner it is because you choose to, not because some scumbag stole it!

We know our customers and are always thinking about how to better serve their needs.  Out of a genuine concern for our customers we started offering these cages as soon as we noticed a need in our community.  Now we are spreading the word.

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