Florida Comfort Air Conditioning, Inc. in Port Charlotte is proud to offer a  innovative new concept in home repair.

It has been a concern for sometime of ours that our neighbours are being persuaded into purchasing new central heat and air systems when they are not needed.

In our opinion why spend thousands of dollars to replace your air conditioning and heating system when Florida Comfort can have your current AC running like new at a fraction of the price.

Restore your home or business HVAC equipment to it’s highest efficiency level and save money on your electric bill.

Signs you need a deep clean

Slow Air Flow | System Constantly Runs | High Electric Bill | Humid in Home | Condensation at Air Handler | Odours in House | Equipment Icing or Freezing Up | Mildew on Air Handler Cabinet

How we refurbish your air conditioning, What we do during a Florida Comfort Deep Clean

  • Remove and clean blower assembly, wheel and housing
  • Chemically clean condensing unit coil and rinse
  • Remove and Chemically clean evaporator coil
  • Clean Electrical Box
  • Vacuum out bottom of unit
  • Hand wash condensing unit panels inside and out
  • Hand wash air handler cabinet
  • Check all operating components
  • Clean Heat Strip of built up dust and debris


Extend the life of your air conditioning system.  After about 5 years your system starts to show some wear and will begin to slow down and work harder costing you money on your electric bill.

You will see a dramatic improvement to the quality of the air in your home.