Ruud Copeland Scroll Compressors are proven to be reliable, efficient and dependable.  Compressors are the most expensive component of a condensing unit.

The higher the seasonal energy efficiency rating is for your equipment the more money you save on your heating and cooling costs.   Florida Power & Light through their FP&L rebate programs offer you discounts on purchasing a higher rated system.  Helping you to save money through out the winter and summer months.

With Florida Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. you can purchase a 16 SEER system for close to the same price other  companies offer their 13 SEER equipment.  Before you go with any other company call us at 941-764-0026 for an estimate either over the phone or in person and we will be sure to find the right system to meet your needs and save you money.

You are guaranteed quality installation by trained proffesionals and a manufacturers warranty of 10 years on all parts.

What is SEER? How does it apply to the energy efficiency of air conditioners?

The U.S law governs the efficiency of central air conditioning units and U.S Department of Energy regulated.  Every air conditioning unit is assigned an efficiency rating known as its “seasonal energy efficiency ratio” (SEER). The SEER is defined as the total cooling output (in British thermal units or Btu) provided by the unit during its normal annual usage period divided by its total energy input (in watt-hours) during the same period.

The performance of your heating and cooling system is determined in a large part by your HVAC equipment’s operating efficiency.

Each “matched system” – an outdoor compressor bearing unit that matches with an indoor unit – is tested and awarded an Energy Efficiency Rating, sort of like a miles per gallon (mpg) rating for your car.

The more cooling/heating a system puts out for each unit of energy it consumes, the higher rating it will receive.  The higher the efficiency rating of your system, the less energy it will consume…that means lower utility bills and less of an impact on the environment.



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