Copper stolen from church in Fort Myers, FL as recently reported by NBC news..

Yesterday he learned one of the AC units at his church, North Shore Alliance Church, had been torn apart.

“The other two they hit, they only took the copper from they didn’t take the coil from the middle.”

Copper pipes had been pulled from the wall.

Reporter Sarah Pusateri says, “What makes the situation worse is that this is not just a church but a daycare, affecting a lot of little lives as well.”

“We’ve had to shuffle our kids around the church all week because there is no air out here.”

He’s not alone.

Statistics from the lee county sheriff’s office show that 10 churches and religious centers have been targeted since March many within just a few miles from North Shore Alliance.

Shocking both religious leaders,

Read full article Church AC Thefts on the rise Fort Myers.

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