A/C cage’s  are secure


Don’t be an easy target for thieves.   Avoid the possibility of theft with an A/C cage.   Your homes air conditioning system is the most valuable appliance in your home, and the most costly to replace.  Protect your assets and invest in an A/C cage.

      • Affordable
      • Custom Fitted
      • Built Tough
      • Unobtrusive look
      • Detachable for maintenance
      • Theft Deterent
      • Protect your home

Copper theft is a growing problem

We have had numerous reports of stolen units in all neighborhoods.
Stolen copper, stolen equipment, damaged equipment, parts being removed
all without tripping an alarm system.

Though we can help homeowners locate equipment using serial numbers.

And the scrap yards do what they can by requiring photo ID’s there is little that can help after the damage is done.

Inside your unit is valuable metal that can easily be removed without the proper protection.

This problem has been growing as the prices of copper go up.

Thieves are either removing the entire unit or destroying it completely while removing the items they want.  In the aftermath you have no air conditioning or heat.  The open copper lines let contaminants in to your system.  Police and insurance reports.  Estimates and quotes to replace the stolen equipment and make repairs.  Most of the time inside unit needs to be unnecessarily replaced due to new codes and EPA laws on refrigerant.

Read more documented cases of air conditioning and copper theft here.

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