[box type=”info”] Renew your Maintenance Contract with us consecutively and we will cover parts installed by us for every year with a maximum of five years. We will replace those parts at a flat labor rate, provided those parts were installed by Florida Comfort Air Conditioning, Inc. or are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Payments for parts not covered by warranties is the sole responsibility of the Customer.[/box]

Florida Comfort Air Conditioning of Port Charlotte require that all measurements, such as motor amps and volts, temperatures and pressures, are taken and documented  for each piece of equipment and is logged in during every visit.  The purpose of retaining and renewing your Energy Savings Agreement is to gather this information and observe how the measurements change over time, thus helping to predict or reveal problems affecting efficiency and reliability. Leading to fewer breakdowns, and un-expected repairs.  We offer you a long term solution to your heating and cooling needs.  We are always there for you.

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